CerarMix is the result of combining ordinary, abundant materials into a new material that functions in extraordinary ways. Using nanotechnology to change how these materials behave at the molecular level, we have an engineered product that will revolutionize how societies manufacture, build, and maintain the world's infrastructure.
  • Provides superior abrasion, corrosion, erosion, and fire resistance, and structural strength.
  • Dramatically reduces manufacturing costs and the use of petroleum-based plastics.
  • Improves performance and extends the useful lives of products made from fiberglass reinforced polymers ("FRP"), concrete, metals and bio-materials.
  • Low cost, low maintenance coating solutions available for virtually any project.
  • Fast-curing solutions that maintain high performance, durability, flexibility and have good impact resistance.

CerarMix Coating Systems Begin with 2 Formulas

CerarMix is a ceramic-metallic composite material, patented in its application, using nanotechnology to cross link polymers, ceramics and metals in order to meet specifications that exceed those of conventional materials.

CerarMix C-1

  • Fire resistant
  • Does not degrade due to UV
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Provides corrosion resistance for FRP, concrete & metals
  • Pipes, tanks, manholes & covers, protective pole wraps

CerarMix AR-1

  • Provides abrasion, corrosion and erosion resistance
  • Chemical, mining and hazardous materials applications
  • Power generation pollution control

Similar attributes as C-1, provides abrasion resistance superior to stainless steel

NO Volatile Organic Compounds

  • CerarMix coatings do not use VOCs
  • We utilize a multi-component mixing and spray system along with inorganic components where the reaction starts the moment the components mix in the spray gun

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