CerarMix Coatings Systems have serviced a wide range of customers across a variety of industries and applications. Our successful history speaks of our leadership in coating options and solutions for high value assets, food processing and packaging, manufacturing, tooling, industrial equipment, oil and gas pump and pipe systems, and infrastructure demands.

CerarMix is the Right Choice!

  • Chemicals - coatings protection for highly caustic use environments.
  • Aerospace - coatings specifically for tight tolerances, severe temperature fluctuations and high load/high stress use environments.
  • Food Processing - FDA/USDA compliant coatings for food contact surfaces associated with producing, storing and transporting food products.
  • OEMs - coatings that extend useful life, reduce downtime, and improve performance for tooling and functional components across a vast array of industrial use environments.
  • Military - coatings that meet numerous Military Standards including bullet proofing systems.
  • Oil & Gas - high performance coatings and fire protections solutions providing the ultimate in protection against corrosion, abrasion and erosion for both internal and external applications.
  • Mining - coatings specifically engineered for highly abrasive dry processes like mineral extraction, conveyor transport, crushing and milling; wet corrosive processes such as mineral flotation; and the refining process.
  • Marine - anti-fouling coatings that do NOT contain biocides that achieve the most effective corrosion control available in today's marketplace.

3 / 12,000 gal. Fuel Tanks coated inside and out

    Cement Truck Disposal Chute

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