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  • CerarMix is Stronger - It returns structural integrity to eroded and corroded substrates, adding increased strength and asset revitalization.
  • CerarMix is Faster - It is applied using our patented nanotechnology CerarSpray System with quick turnaround, reducing asset downtime.
  • CerarMix is Superior - It creates better abrasion, corrosion, and heat resistance compared to conventional polymer construction.

Cut Your Costs & Increase Efficiency on Your Next Project

Temperature extremes and harsh environmental conditions can affect the appearance and life of a coating. CerarMix Coating Systems protect against chemical degradation caused by radiant heat gain and acid release during rainfall. PLUS CerarMix is 98% UV reflective, mold, mildew and pest resistant.
Fast Cure time
CerarMix coatings are engineered to provide long lasting performance and create a forever bond with the base material substrate. CerarMix coatings are dry to the touch in seconds so there's no wait to re-coat. Surfaces - even pipes, substrates, or machinery at near-freezing to near-boiling temperatures can be completed in tight customer schedules, reducing downtime and lowering costs.
Customized Solutions
Our engineers will recommend the best CerarMix coating solution for your application. Your participation in this process will help to define your performance objectives, application requirements, operating parameters, and material options. To assist our technical support and engineering team, simply complete the Coating Evaluation Form. this information will help determine which of our proprietary coating solutions will be best suited for your project application needs.
Experienced Team
For over 20 years, CerarMix has provided coating solutions that span a wide range of industries and applications. CerarMix experienced technical support team and engineers have a strong knowledge of the problems inherent to the industries we service, and chances are we are familiar with and have a proven solution for your specific application need.
Proprietary Specific Use
CerarMix welcomes the opportunity to engineer a sole source, custom formulated and proprietary coating solution for a specific use application and/or component.
Coating Removal
Contingent upon the coating applied to a base material, our coatings can be removed through a variety of methods which include chemical immersion, thermal exposure, or mechanical removal.
Spray Thickness
Coating thicknesses vary across each of our product platforms and depend on the dimensional requirements, as well as the functional objectives of the project surface.
Project Assistance
Our experienced Technical Support Team is ready to discuss the details of your project. A formal quotation defining your requirements in full details is contingent upon such things as: coating selection, project location, the processing parameters of the order, as well as the size and/or number of parts in the order. Depending on the project requirements, faster lead times may be attainable with the scheduling of overtime and advanced notification of the order's impeding receipt.

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